Tuesday, 23 February 2010

On my own

I understand the need for uni's to be so independent... so your ready for the 'real world' I get it but what I don't get is when your willing to go find the help and take those first few steps on your own it immediately gets complicated, I mean if someone says they are going to send you a letter and not to worry you listen (because its what you want to hear) but when weeks later that letter hasn't arrived you start to lose belief in it, so you go and you ask again and the only reply your faced with is a small printed A4 piece of paper telling you that the dates you had been so nervously waiting for in the post are a hell of alot closer than you thought! So you shit yourself and panic and then who do you run to? Well I don't know who you run to but I head straight for my dad, my rock, and cry on his shoulder until I manage to pull myself together and actually deal with the situation at hand (by this I mean blaming everyone but myself). I don't think I'm ready for independence... I'm a daddy's girl born and raised, to handle things on my own... the thought scares me bad enough. And what is it with technology the one system the uni has set up to benefit us and help and I can't use it!! Am I the only one?

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  1. Ashhhh, I know you're worrying and I know it's hard. I promise, though, you can text me anytime or call me or facebook me, and I'll help you in anyway I can. Aaaaaand, i'm currently trying to find my moodle password, so you can get on :)